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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by mugwump, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. mugwump

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    hi! is there a way for me 2 allow winxp to boot up in a completly new system...
    i tried it and it wont boot up!!
    and why the hell did ms do this??
    its now harder 4 me to change systems...

  2. mbunny

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    They do this to stop piracy.

    IE. Someone installs Xp on their comp and then does a Hard Drive Image... installs it into the new system... voila... xp pirated.

    You can't just swap a hard drive, you'll need to reinstall winxp completely anyway... its makes for a much more efficient XP
  3. mugwump

    mugwump Guest

    ok! thnx

    but if they have the same hardware
    it would work ryt???
  4. mbunny

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    serial numbers are different... XP looks at the hardware and their serial number... XP will accept 2 or 3 hardware changes every 3 months... So a complete system change will not make XP a happy chappy
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    Good question, I plan to change my pc completely very soon, I have XP on it. I will not ask for a new copy of XP with my next pc as I already own one ! I'll reinstall my old win98 on my current pc.

    The question is: what should I do then to reinstall XP on my new pc ? I will not invest another 275€ ! I'm not as rich as Bill Gates, is anyone of us ?
  6. mbunny

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    When did you activate winxp?

    if it was 3 months ago, you will have no problems reactivating on the new system.

    If it was shorter than 3 months... Ring up Microsoft (they'll give you the toll free number when you choose activate by phone) and explain to them. Despite what people seem to say, i didn't get any major problems. I rang, they did a quick check, reset my activation and voila... Activated XP =)

    Explain clearly that this is a new system that you have purchased and that Windows XP is no longer the OS on the old system. If they ask which OS just say Linux. (Unless you have a legit Win98)

    WinXP is the only OS i have purchased =P... The other ones just weren't worth it... not to mention every joe bloggs had a copy somewhere in their CD stash.