XP Hangs, Freezes, Locks Up

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KWM1_, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. KWM1_

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    1. Two new computers with the exact same components,
    2. One went together great...........starts, shutdown, etc
    3. I did the exact same steps, from CMOS to drivers and components on both.

    4. One I boot it up cold the next day and it locks up right after doing its hdd, and CDROM checks It wont bring up the WindowsXP black screen, until I restart.
    5. Bios has been updated,
    6. Cards to the drives have been taken out or replaced.

    ECS MB
    AMD 1600+
    Creative sound
    Creative Modem
    Maxtor 40gig and jumper pins diagnose as being set correctly

    Any solutions would be appreciated.............
  2. Qumahlin

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    I belive this is the problem with the ECS mobo, I have the mobo and it has the same problem, I am gonna apply the most recent bios they released to see if that helps

    but my comp does same thing it's as if the connection from the HD to the mobo dies and you never even get a XP logo to come up to load, i'll update you if I find out more
  3. KWM1_

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    I have updated the latest from ECS

    I have updated the latest bios updates from ECS, even their bios update instructions were incomplete, but I eventually figured out how to get the AMI to flash by typing:

    AMNIF329 011215L.ROM

    After creating a system disk in XP, then unzipping their files to the floppy.

    The other computer I have is the same MB, it works fine.