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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rodneyck, Jan 16, 2002.

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    I have XP PRO and use Internet Explorer 6 with the latest build installed. Recently, my computer is starting to lock up/freeze up, can't move the mouse, etc. It always happens while I am using Internet Explorer. I thought this was something that only happened with Windows 98/ME. Has anyone else experienced this problem in XP? Is there a glitch in IE 6, maybe? Please help..
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    This sounds more serious. Have you tried reinstalling XP? (no fun I know)
    Are your drivers up to date?
    How much heat is your coumputer generating? (If it's too much it will hang unless the BIOS is set to turn the computer off if it reaches critical temperatures)
    Is your hardware OK? This could be a memory problem.

    When do these error appear? Randomly? After a certain time running? Sooner again after reboot?
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    1st update ur windows.. with all the latest updates..like security updates etc..

    2nd Update ur chipset drivers...feks if you have a VIA chipset..download the latest 4 in 1 drivers..

    3rd Update ur bios...

    4th Study and configure ur bios.. try different settings..like AGP aparture size on or off..fast writtes on or off..bios cache on or off.. etc...dont fuddle around with settings you dont know much about...refer 2 the motherboard manual (bios) help guide..

    5th Install the latest 3D drivers for ur 3D card... feks... Detonator 23.11 latest official ...only if you have a nvidia based card..

  4. have u ran a reg clean to remove all the junk ? a thought
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    Also try checking the Event Viewer to see if it will give you any idea of what might be causing it to lock up.
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    Wow, thanks everyone for your suggestions/help. I do have the latest drivers, bios, etc. I try and keep everything updated. I was hoping I wouldn't have to reformat and reload everything again, but I may if I still get the freeze ups.

    What is reg clean? Is it a seperate program I need to get or is it on my computer? Oh, and where do I find the event viewer log?

    thanks again guys...
  7. here u go

    even thou the maker is no longer here it is still one of the best i have tried .... hope i dont get my BUTT chewed for this !!
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    Thanks BloodLust DWS!!! I will give it a go and see if that helps. :)