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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lion7718, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. lion7718

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    I have searched the Forum before posting this, it seems like different things happen to different users..anyway.
    About every 2-4 days I will have a Total System Freeze, it usually happens when I am surfing the web, every now & than I will wake up & find it frozen. The Event Viewer would always say True Vector Engine, ZoneAlarm.....well I got rid of ZA & went with Sygate Pro..still freezes. Event Viewer says nothing about Errors now, so I realized it only said True Vector because I had to shut off power to reboot (from being froze).
    Anyone have any idea what to look for next?

    XP Home
    512MB RAM

    This is a brand new computer (July 2002), came with XP installed.

    BTW-I went to Broadband Cable & added another 256RAM around Aug 2002. I don't remember freezing before that, I was on Dial-up, so it wasn't on as long.
  2. mbunny

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    It may be your ram but i doubt it. Usually if you got bad ram the problems occur quickly and quite often.

    Just do a RAM check to rule out the possibility.
  3. lion7718

    lion7718 OSNN Addict

    I have taken the extra card out and it made no difference, so I put it back in.
  4. mbunny

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    I'm stumped... you'll have to wait for a Hardware guru to fix this actually. Contact a mod to move this to Hardware... you'll get a lot more views.
  5. 2z

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    Thread moved as requested

  6. Zedric

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    This could be anything. Have you tried reinstalling or repairing XP? Is it overclocked?
  7. jumpy

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    Yes, this could be anything. Try a reinstall or a repair as zedric suggested. What other programs do you have running when it freezes? Perhaps it could be heat related, check that the fan is working on your heatsink. What cpu is it?
  8. lion7718

    lion7718 OSNN Addict

    It came with XP installed, I have disks to repair it with. I will in the next few days though. The fan works fine, no I haven't overclocked it. I need to do a test for Dirty Power, I read up that it could be my problem also.
    As for programs, there is usually a P2P running in the background, doesn't make a difference which one, it still freezes, sometimes I have no program running & ut still freezes.
    It usually will freeze after being online around 3 days, almost like clockwork.