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    I'm a new member (Ron), Hello all:

    I like to have a number of (XP-Home )folder windows open at one time and have the desktop to reopen them automatically at logon.

    I'm trying to assign different background (not the external folder color) colors (or maybe photos or wallpaper) to different folders.

    I've searched Windows Help and sites such as PC World, PC Mag etc. and cannot find out how to do it. I've made a quick effort at this site to try to find an answer in past forums but have not yet found what I need.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ron
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    There are two ways to add a custom background picture to a folder. Easiest way is to use this application:

    The other way is to edit the desktop.ini file. If the folder already has a desktop.ini (hidden file) just add these lines:


    The last line in the script tells Windows what color the font will be when you read the files in that folder. For instance:

    0x00000000 = black,0x00FF0000 = blue,0x0000FF00 = green,0x000000FF = red,0x00C000C0 = purple

    If there is no desktop.ini file, the easiest way to create one is to rightclick the folder, choose customise and change the icon. You can change the icon back if you want later, but you now have a desktop.ini file to edit.

    and welcome to ntfs forum:D
  3. This pic tells you all. To get to the Folder Options, simply go to the Tools menu of any folder and then Folder Options.
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    Folder Backround Colors and More

    Yo Yo:

    Thanks for the Clonesoft recommendation that solved my folder color background desires. It's a bit clutsy I was able to get folders set just as I wanted. THANKS! Ron


    Thank you for the forward re: folder options. I was aware of that feature to have the folders reopen on startup. Occasionally they "fall back" on the desktop but usually "unfold" correctly when reopened. (I typically have 10 nested folders open all the time). THANKS!

    To All:

    Another folder question: Is there any way to set a default size that a window opens into? For example when I insert a compact flash card, to copy photo files to the computer and open the camera folders "headed towards" the jpegs etc., the folder expands into a window 2/3 the size of the computer screen.

    On my camera (Nikon) when the first photo folder (DCIM) is opened I see another folder (100Nikon) which is huge, when that folder (100Nikon) is opened, I see actual jpegs in yet another huge folder. I have to reduce the size, or close, the folders to be able to see the target folder where I want to place the jpegs.

    I'm not optimistic on this one. Any ideas?
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    do you know how to apply the folder color to "my computer folder"?
  6. Re: Folder Backround Colors and More

    Your welcome...I am glad to help!!! :D ;)