XP continually accessing the disk

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by meglamaniac, May 1, 2003.

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    I remember this happening last time I clean installed XP, and last week I had to do it again as there was a major error on my primary drive.

    Now the harddrive light flicks briefly roughly once every second and I can't remember what the hell it was I did to stop it.
    I know it's some vital part of windows that is doing this because it still does it in safe mode AND at the recovery console (but it doesn't do it prior to booting windows).
    When in safe mode I shut down every process possible (I think i only had 8 left running) and it was still doing it, so there must be some optional setting somewhere.

    The first thing I thought of was the indexing service but I hadn't even installed it, it was turned off for all drives, and set to disabled in the services list so somehow i doubt it.

    Has anyone else got any ideas, as this is preventing my drive from spinning down meaning the PC is a lot louder when idle and I like to leave it on overnight if possible to download stuff.

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    Well summut similar happened to me - drive consantly working after startup..

    turned out I'd selected the option to "Defrag on start-up" in my Norton System - Speed Disk utils...


    May not be what you have but check for anything similar.

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    new york
    system restore works during idle time
  4. had one friends computer that was doing that ended up being a little 400k program in the startup folder....... he thinks it came in through kaaza......
    as soon as i deleted it it stopped.............see whats running:blink:
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