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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lunitunez, Mar 7, 2002.

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    ok folks heres the deal, i have the devilsown xp pro and when i fdisk and format my computer clean, then use the MS Millienium bootdisk to have access to my cd drive since for some reason or another the cd doesnt boot by itself, i try doing a clean install but about 5 or so minutes in i get an error message about manifest files dont match or something and then keeps rebooting into the same thing over and over, a help file on this website suggested i use crc.exe to verify the cd is the same as the iso file, no problem there because they match, so i finally tried to install win2k and then upgrade it to xp which worked, any ideas on what might be wrong so i dont have to take this alternative method all the time?

    P.S. XP runs great on this system no problems at all

    p2 266 mhz
    128 ram
    generic 52x cdrom
    8x4x32 iomega zipcd
    3x2 gig seagates all their own partition
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    Um, buy the full version and maybe the problem will be fixed. LOL
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    Yeah, i've read a thread on another site saying that the manifest (inf) files have been hacked to death!! From what I gather they altered / deleted all the unwanted file names correctly, but a couple of the hacked file CRC's were mismatched.
  4. lunitunez

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    crap... and i guess they didnt release a fix for it huh since it must of not been a big deal.. ive talked to others that have clean installed fine.