XP build info on my screen...I WANT IT OFF!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GraveLayer, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. GraveLayer

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    OK I download and try any cool sounding product. I have a FULL Version of XP Pro on a computer. It now has the "XP Build 2600" crap on the bottom right part of the screen. Looks just like when I was running the XP RC1 & RC2 way back when.
    I believe a program called coolmon (colmon) caused this. I have uninstalled that program but the damage is still there.
    Is this something I can remove somewhere in the registry?
    Any ideas????
  2. Iceman

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    Coolmon didn't cause this, you either installed XP SP1 or WMP 9, one of those two caused the build info to show on the desktop, do a search here for the solution.

  3. Jewelzz

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    You can find the removal in the Thread
  4. GraveLayer

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    Thanks I'll read the thread!
  5. eNuffSaid

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    With TweakUI from Microsoft Powertoys you can also enable / disable the build info in the lower right hand of your desktop.


    You only need the TweakUI download, but Powertoys has more handy tools. In TweakUI go to GENERAL. Under SETTINGS, the last option "Show Windows Version on Desktop" can be "ticked" off.

    Willem Moolenaar