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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by westy1, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. westy1

    westy1 Guest

    I have downloaded the windows bootdisk from microsoft website, instead of putting it on floppy's, could I burn it onto CD, then Carry on with my Xp Pro upgade disk.
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Set your bios to boot to your CD and see if it will boot to the upgrade CD... it should. Then you won't have to do the other.
  3. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears

    Bootdisk.com has a very good xp bootdisk, tell you CD driver letter and has a little guide to not winxp boot cds.:)
  4. Dick Johnson

    Dick Johnson Guest

    Single boot disk-All windows

    Here is a boot disk that will install any windows operating system except NT, and includes W2000 and XP. Works great! Just boot with it in and answer a few questions, and it will install upto a desktop unattended. Partition and format included.

  5. Qumahlin

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    I'm with lonman, I find the best bootdisk is just the windows cd, in a few extreme cases it will refuse to boot, but then you can get the ultimate bootdisk which will allow you to fix a few things

    and if your drivers aren't NTFS you can just use a old 98 bootdisk...if ya use a 98 bootdisk and you have ntfs drives it won't see them
  6. westy1

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    I am useing Windows XP Pro upgrade wich is not a bootable disk.