xp boot up probs

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  1. hello everyone,
    i've been reading the posts on here for a while and i'd like to say how great this forum is, it's comforting to know that such expert help is on hand.
    Anyway i've had XP now for about 5 days.
    I'm getting a few little glitches mainly, nothing serious (yet), altho upon boot up when i push the start button the only activity is the H.D. light comes on along with the fans, no rom or writer lights, no monitor.
    If i push the reset button i get a normal boot up and everything seems fine.
    also ,i dont know if this is connected, but on shutdown i get a message telling me -
    My virtual memory minimum too low !
    My knowledge with regards to p.c's is fairly limited, my system spec is as follows-
    AMD Athlon 1.2ghz
    2x128 pc100 ram memory
    20 gig HDD
    MSI k7t turbo m/board (6330 lite)
  2. after getting no help i tried to adjust the virtual memory paging file size, to no avail, still the same.......
    is there any chance some one can help me out.
    cheers :confused:
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    how much free space do you have on your hard drive?

    virtual memory is dependant on disk space as well so if you have not so much space left it might be a cause...
  4. at the moment i have 15.4gb free on my Hard drive.
    thanx for the reply.
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    Make sure that you have the latest drivers for you MSI mother board - I have the same the same specs as your machine - the only difference is the memory - but I remeber having heaps of problems with the Bios - check your Bios settings also - try to set it so the the OS has total control of the system.
  6. did you have the same problem as me with the power light, and having to reset for it to boot up.
    A friend formatted it for me and then done a clean install of xp, like i say my knowledge is limited, but i was there when he flashed the new bios !
    the same problems are still persisting after this also.
    He suggested we format it again!!
    I am also having problems with the modem, as in, when i take it to my friends house and bring it back, if i try to connect to the net the modem dosn't even click never mind to attempt to dial, i just get a message telling me that the modem is broke.
    if i system restore it works no problem !
    i'm getting that frustrated with it, i'm thinking of going back on M.E. !
    thanx for your reply,
    any more info would be greatly appreciated.
    cheers ;)
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    I had a similar problem with my xp pro, pre-installed, right out of the box. The drive lights flashed in succession and the screen stayed black. Contacted tech support and ended up reinstalling the os after checking the bios and who knows what else they had me look into---you know a lot more about these machines than do I.
  8. has anyone else got any ideas. or shall i just format ? :confused:
  9. i could really do with some help on this....please :(
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    It could be a hardware error.My friend recently had sim probs.The problem could be in the mobos filter capacitors.Check them.If not then give xp another chance(reinstall) or go back to mimi.