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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rizsher, Jan 31, 2002.

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    I tried many a times (unsuccessfully) to install Windows XP on my Hard Disk (after I had
    formatted my previous copy of WInME thinking I would be able to boot from the XP Install CD -
    sadly, after formatting,I realized that the XP CD is an upgrade type CD and can only be run from
    within windows). Booting thru Win98 startup disk, WinME startup disk and running the setup file
    in the i386 would only take setup so far before I it would get stuck at some file).

    Finally, after searching the net for a few hours, I figured out I need the Windows XP startup
    disks to install a FRESH copy. So, Downloaded, the file, it copied the image into SIX Floppy
    disks. Booting from the diskettes, installation went without a hitch.

    Then i got this idea of making the 6 floppies into a bootable CD and then copying the Windows XP
    Setup CD to the same so I woudl have an all in one package.

    I used Nero CD creator to make the bootable CD, Inserted the first startup disk in my floppy to
    be used to get the boot files.

    Nero made the CD without a problem. The CD even boots perfectly, however, after starting up, it
    goes thru the setup routines, and after some time, would come up with a message saying Insert XP
    startup Disk 2 in Drive A.

    After that, I couldn't do anything. There is no config.sys/autoexec.bat file in the WinXP
    startup disks for me to see and modify to assign drive A as the CD Drive. The setup program
    doesnt let you exit to Dos, it ONLY allows to restasrt the system.

    Does anyone know HOW to get round this?.
  2. max

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    Windows XP is a bootable CD ....
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    Win XP Startup Disk to Bootable CD


    thanks for the clear, succinct and totally wrong reply. IF my XP CD was bootable, I woudln't have posted my query on the forum.
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    xp bootable cd

    xp is abootable cd all you have to do is make your cd drive your first boot device and have the cd in the drive when you turn on the pc
    if this doesnt work then you have a bad disk :cool:
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    you guys might want to ask him if it is a legal copy first. if it isn't then that would explain why it is not bootable. if it is a legal copy, then you have to go into the bios and set up a cdrom to be bootable.

    with the floppy disk 2 error, it might of had some hidden files on the disk that you didn't get when burning to a disc. my advice would be to cheack show hidden and system files, and uncheck protect operating system files.
  6. rizsher

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    OK Guyz....

    I wish people would understand that if my problem was that simple, I would not have given such a detailed description of it.

    1) Windows XP Install CD has been released in MORE than ONE version. I have a Corporate CD which is NOT a bootable CD.

    2) If you had read my post carefully, you might;ve noticed I mentioned the fact that I did manage to get a Bootable CD to boot, except it got stuck at Disk No. 2

    3) I've found a perfect way to do what I had initially wanted, will post a msg shortly here for others to read as well.
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  8. rizsher

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    I finally found my answer. Before saying anything simplistic, please remember the version of Win XP install CD I have was NOT bootable. SO, Check out these three sites:

    1) For those who have Nero, goto


    Gives STEP by STEP instructions for making a bootable XP CD.

    2) For those who do not have Nero, this link is a fully contained instuction manual for making the bootable CD (including ALL The software U might need). Ofocurse this method is a bit more complicated then (1)


    3) For those who have Adaptec CD Creator, goto:


    I've tested 1 and 2 - worked perfectly for me. Havent checked 3 as I don't have Adaptec CD Creator.

    Hope this helps. Also, note that with all these three options, the Windows XP Startup Disks set is no longer needed!!!
  9. TomServo

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    Not to beat a dead horse..

    I'm just curious as to what Corporate version you have of XP that is not bootable. Our version from our Microsoft Licensing software boots just fine. Perhaps its different but I find it strange that an MS OS CD (enough acronyms??) is not bootable since they all seem to have been since NT4. I guess I am wrong, eh?

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    bootable cd

    its obviosly a copy youve got because you dont need to install the six floppy disks as you mentioned at first
    any windows xp disk wether it be home or pro edition boots withiut these disks
    as i mentioned earlier
    if youre gonna get copies you should now that you need to turn them into bootable cds to start with
    maybe you should be more careful at what youre down loading in future
    or learn to find out a bit more info first:eek:
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    SOD IT
  12. Binary

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    Already for a long time, the policy of Microsoft is that and upgrade version of Windows is not bootable since it assumes the presence of an already installed Operating System. The fact that this is not always the case does not change the policy. I would think it is easier to boot from floppy and run WINNT from the \I386 folder (maybe after copying it to the harddisk). But anyway, that's how it is. So rizsher is not wrong.
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    rizsher - I just wanted you to know that I understood exactly what you meant from your detailed description :D

    Didnt have the answer though :(

    Just to reassure you its not you thats missing the point :)))))

    and thanks for the concise answer to the problem
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    Thank you VERY VERY Much

    Binary and Kylie

    Thanks a bundle... I was beginning to feel really really :confused: STUPID :confused:

    You're a star.. :D

    Thanks again