xp boot and hal.dll error

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by budwesting, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. budwesting

    budwesting Guest

    have one hardrive,
    w2k on c:
    xp on d:

    w2k boots fine.
    xp gives error: windows could not start cuz following file is missing or corupt

    <windows root>system32/hal.dll, Please reinstall copy of above file

    looked up hal.dll in c and d drive, and both copies are there.
  2. MdSalih

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    hmmm u haven't messed with your boot screen by any chance? hal.dll and Ntoskrnl.exe are linked files, Ntoskrnl.exe = boot screen... just wondering m8 :)

    and also just out of curiosity - u not running on Multi proccessor are u ? they give hal.dll big problems :)... does this msg ever come up: "No MPS Table Found during startup" ?

  3. Highwind7777

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    yeah, Alecstar's right. WinXP has amazing compatibility with dual boot especially with w2k
  4. budwesting

    budwesting Guest

    w2k was installed before, and everything was working fine, till i tried to format the upartioned and unformated part of my hard drive with bootitng (partitioning software, also lets your boot multiple OS),

    and from then on, this became a problem
  5. budwesting

    budwesting Guest

    boot from xp cd.
    it will start loading files, then give you the screen to either install xp or repair,

    choose repair,

    then choose any of your partitions as selection.
    login as administrator.
    on command prompt type bootcfg /rebuild (space after bootcfg), it will scan partitons and ask you if you want to add it, and what is the name you wanna give it.
    i said (y) for yes
    xp for xp partitoin and for the last question i just hit enter.

    IT DOES that for all OS you have installed.
    then type EXIT and voila