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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by _kC_, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. _kC_

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    hi, i setup a new network at a freinds today, i added a new server and 3 workstation machines too their already existing 6 machines... (2 of thiers were win98) all others are xp pro

    now the server had 2 accounts
    1. admin/password
    2. user/password2

    connecting too network shares was no problem at all for all the xp machines, but the win98 machines, when i tried too open up the Server in network connections, 98 asked for a password..

    "too connect too network please enter password

    it didnt want a username, just a password... i tried the 2 passwords from admin and user accounts on the server, but they didnt work. i dunno what the hell the IPC$ thing is about

    when i first booted up onto these 2 win98 machines, they asked for a network login password, i just pressed ok with the password staying blank... because me or my freind didnt know it...

    so this win98 networking password, how can i remove it, or change it?

    (i would reformat the machine with winxp.. but theyre too slow)

    any help mucho appreciated..

  2. tdinc

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    your first step is to loose the win98 :eek:

    please at least get 2Kpro or xp on those machines

    98 is only going to give you tons problems, then re-net the computers

    as far as the PC's too slow, I have 2 Pc' w/PIII's 128 meg as storage PC networked and run just fine, if not add more ram at least 256
  3. Bytes Back

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    You need to create a user account/accounts on the xp machines with the same name as the win98 computers.

    I also find enabling simple file sharing gets rid of the problem, but you may not want to do that.
  4. koko

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    if you have to keep win98 on those 2 machines ( :eek: ), try installing netbeui on the xp machines (should be installed by default on the 98 machines). pop in the xp cd on the xp machines and i think it's under "additional tasks".

    make sure the 98 machines are in the same workgroup as the others and are set up to obtain an ip addy automatically or assign them one (however the other machines are set up).

    enable simple file sharing on xp machines and all machines should see each other.
  5. _kC_

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    "your first step is to loose the win98"

    i know:) its been so long since ive used a win98 box ive forgotton quite how it works (or doesnt work in this case:p)

    the networking works perfect from the 98's too the xp machines he already had setup...

    and those xp machines dont have netbeui or user accounts with the same as the win98 machines..
  6. Bytes Back

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    if they have xp home on they should have not trouble with the win98 machines as there is only simple file sharing

    However, if they have xp pro the you have to enable simple file sharing to get to stop asking for passwords.
  7. _kC_

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    they are xp pro, and yes i unticked simple file sharing... ill try it out tomorrow, thanks for all your help! ;)
  8. Lukas

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    This sounds as user level sharing? You know, like it was with Win98, that you only specified a password while sharing the folder...

    Is this the dialog box you are talking about?


    If so, and if the share is on WinXp, my only recomandation would be indeed to turn off simple file sharing.

    If this is a workgroup:

    To verify user/pass on the shares you need to enter HOSTNAME\username + pass.

    So if the share is on WinXp with hostname SERVER, and user/password2 has permission to use it, accessing the share from Win98 would be:

    SERVER\user with pass password2.

    As for the windows networking password: you need to get into the properties of the network neighbourhood, and change primary session verification or something like that... It's just under the clients, services and the protocols window... only prob is I really don't remember what change it into... I think clent for microsoft netorks is demanding you a password... This is all so loooong ago...
  9. _kC_

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    great stuff.. gonna try it out, if its still no go, ill build him another xp box :eek:

    one thing i didnt understand was the IPC$

    in yours you have \\saturn\hartj01

    on this win98 box it had \\Server\IPC$

    none of the shares, usernames or machines were called IPC$

    anyway will try it and let ya know when i get back from work

  10. Lukas

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    IPC$ is built in administrative share...

    All shares with $ are hidden: normally you don't see them while browsing the network.

    For example:

    c$ = root c: drive
    admin$ = c:\windows or c:\winnt
    print$ = c:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers

    The IPC$ share is used by
    a client when it needs to send a command to the server.

    You can create a hidden share yourself by adding $

    example c:\resources\software
    share as software$

    not visible, but accessible @ \\server\software$


  11. Lukas

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    Ah, forgot:

    to view the shares on WinXp Pro:

    right click 'my computer' icon
    click 'manage'
    click 'shared folders' and 'shares' in console tree.

    note: the properties of built-in administrative shares cannot be modified.


  12. _kC_

    _kC_ Moderator

    oki i phoned him today, told him too change back too "simple file sharing"
    still windows 98 machines asked for a password...

    so i told him too reboot the server via remote desktop...

    still asked for pass after a reboot..

    i didnt know th exact format too tell him too enter the user/pass in win98 machines,

    so the server is called server, the user is admin and the pass is password...

    now when that box pops up, that you have an image of in your above posts.. what is the exact format i would put into the "password" box?


    ? is that exactly what i would put in.. like that?
  13. Lukas

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    Ouhm... shoot me...

    You can't... In the first place I really don't understand why the xp box asks for a password only...

    I found the screenshot after typing that bull about the syntax... so I have no idea what to do next... :confused:
  14. Lukas

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    Does windows98 have the 'net use' command? I bet it doesn't...

    I really don't know, but in XP you can check the connections to other coputers with the net use command:

     X:\>net use 
    New connections will be remembered.
    Status Local Remote Network
    X: \\realm.home\root Microsoft Windows Network
    OK Y: \\Phantom\wwwroot Microsoft Windows Network
    OK Z: \\Phantom\root Microsoft Windows Network
    The command completed successfully.
    And you can add stuff there too:
    [devicename | *] [\\computername\sharename[\volume] [password | *]]
    		[/USER:[dotted domain name\]username]
    		[/USER:[username@dotted domain name]
    		[[/DELETE] | [/PERSISTENT:{YES | NO}]]
    NET USE {devicename | *} [password | *] /HOME

    But nevermind explaining/typing it all, coz I don't even know if win98 has the net use command. Try it out in a dos box, and you'll know.

    Sorry I couldn't help.
  15. _kC_

    _kC_ Moderator

    nah u been a massive help.. thanks a lot for your time..

    ill probably end up persuading him too let upgrade his 98's too xp, or new machines:)

    thanks again
  16. j79zlr

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    XP Pro does not allow blank passwords by default, if you want to use "Simple file sharing" you either have to assign the guest account a password or modify the local security policy to allow blank passwords.

    I've always created a user account with password on the Win98 machine then add that account with password to the XP Pro machine, disable simple file sharing, and it works flawlessly.