XP and SB live drivers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jkoXP, Aug 17, 2002.

  1. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    they were installed and working fine, dumb be wanted to update the drivers, and so i did. rebooted, need cd, dont have cd... so now it cant install whatever the 2 devices that it found.....

    what should i do? ive downloaded all the files from the US and asia site with no go...
  2. Bretenn

    Bretenn Guest

    what cd that u want?
  3. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Try doing a driver roll back from the device manager.
  4. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    SB Live value cd...... :D
  5. oDin

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    vancouver, bc
    dude...just go to creative site here and download the latest xp driver pack...its all you should need.

  6. shoulin

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    when it asks for that stuff .. u know why it did that??/

    when u ran the install it by default really uninstalled the old drivers.... looks just he the install.. and asks u to restart afterwards.... so all u need to do i just install it again... dont ever use driver cd's :) as they are always outdated by the time u buy the item............ hehehe
  7. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    right, but i tried that, and it dosnt install 2 things for my soundcard, and continuasly asks for the cd...

    DUDE i tried that, thanks for the informative post.