XP and my GF2

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Toybear, May 6, 2002.

  1. Toybear

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    I dunno what it is with XP and my GF2 but before I installed XP it worked beautifully now it runs really really crappy. I tried the new drivers and it does nothing. How do i fix it?
    Running a GF2 32mb MX/MX 400

    I don't have the money to buy a new card and I really don't wanna uninstall XP =P
  2. xsivforce

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    Is it right off the bat that it is bad or after a while of gaming or something? If it is after a while, it could be a heat problem. If that is the case, a slot fan works really well.
  3. Toybear

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    It isn't bad off the bat. Some games it runs great. Like Counter-Strike, Jedi Outcast (sometimes), ect. It is just on emulators, any dos games, Day of Defeat sometimes is ultra slows down.. ect. I just need to make the card work well and last for a while till I get enough money to get a new card (about a month).
  4. Narcissus

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    I had similar problem

    I found that under XP my Geforce2 was running at AGP 2x, even though 4x was specified in the bios, i updated the drivers etc, the only way i could solve this was to use the Geforce tweak utility
  5. Toybear

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    GF Tweak Utility?

    Is that the NVidia Refresh Rate thingie? If so that didn't help me at all... I dunno why it just didn't. Or not enough to where I could notice any difference.
  6. albybum

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    here is a link to a tweak utility called Riva Tuner for Nvidia's graphics cards 98-Xp.

    If you do use this tool, take things slow and steady, you don't want to overheat / overload your card.
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    *pheww* .... for a second there i thought you were talking about your second girlfriend...
  8. Narcissus

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    With this program you can control the AGP rate and other tweaks, in windows 98 the geforce 2 was running at 4x AGP, and XP was running at 2X?? dont know why, but this program did the trick, maybe it will work for u 2...

    Nvidia Geforce Tweak Utility
  9. UniSol

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    My GF2MX PCI runs @ 100fps in HL/CS max resoloution.

    Full map arena example here we see it @ /fps_max 72
  10. Toybear

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    Now what?

    Okay, I have downloaded that RivaTuner. Now what? (I am not used to using tweak applications. So excuse my slowness on this part. Otherwise I am quick as a whip)

    I dunno how to use it in other words to do what your suggesting.