XP aborts/disconnects my internet connection

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by alexibm, Apr 21, 2002.

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    Hey everyone I have serious problme (at least for me).
    XP disconnects my internet connection and reconnects back !
    For example: I download something from FTP, after couple of hours FTP Client tell me that it was not able to complite download because the software on my machine aborted download !

    I have Cable Connection from "Comcast @Home".
    I reinstalled XP, thought it will fix it...ha..no way.

    My network card is:
    SMC EZ Card PCI 10 Adapter (SMC1208)

    I looked at the drives section (www.smc.com) ..but it appeared that there is no drivers for my card that would work on XP ! though there is drvier for higher model. So I am using gineric XP driver.

    Before posting here...I made numerouse searches on MS self-support sites and couple other sites....and I found that KAZAA might cause the problem. Is it true....should I uninstall it ?

    Thanks for answers !:p :D
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    Cable usually resets by itself 1-2 times a day, sometimes it might be caused by some network congestion, sometimes providers do this to kill uncapping, etc.

    I think your problem is with the physical connection, like the one i mentioned above, and not related to XP or its drivers.
    Also, sometimes ftp servers can cause this. Is it only for FTP, or do you observe this kind of behavior elsewhere?

    Don't think Kazaa has anything to do with it either. It has spyware, so it's supposed to keep you r connection alive as long as it can :D.

    Just set your ftp client to autoreconnect and resume, and you will be fine.

  3. alexibm

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    No way it physical connection

    It is starage.........I just intalled XP, made all necessary updates.

    It cant be physical connection. Everything worked fine on win 98.
    and it cant be that my ISP would reset my connection every 20-30min
  4. redsolar

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    Is it a direct cable connection, or do you have a router?

    If you have a chance to change cable modem or the NIC, do so. I remember having this problem for a while when my ISP changed from @home to mediacom. Replaced 4 modems.

    Also, again, is it just ftp sites? Or anything else. Also, look at the modem when you get disconnected. Does it work the same way?

    Also, what does ftp log say? Any specific messages?
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    Yes , ftp gives me the message. It tells me that download was not complited because software on my machine aborted the download :(
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    Can you copy/paste the exact message from the client, like with errors, etc.