Xbox games hacked...nice for MS

Discussion in 'Console Gaming' started by l0g0ut, May 5, 2002.

  1. l0g0ut

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    i wager if the hacks does actually works then MS could see some real boost in Xbox sales that's going so slow right now....

    [i wonder if they have a hand in the ProjectX group]... next they should try making a really good PS@ emulator for Xbox... give the people all the reason to buy Xbox.....
  2. Terrahertz

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    I agree
  3. Qumahlin

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    The ProjectX boot disk is a failure so far. I know many people who have tried it thus far without success, they have burned the Xbox roms to CD-rw..that didn't work, burned them to DVD-R no luck, DVD-RW no luck either...Just thought i'd inform before everyone goes on a warez hunt to download it :)
  4. TheBlueRaja

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    I personally dont see the point in buying an X-Box as i already have a PC. It looks like a good peice of kit dont get me wrong, but when most of the games will come out on the PC anyway, like Halo and eh, well, what else is there? then i can wait a little while.

    Hell, who knows we might even get a few bug free releases now that they've had time to work on it and had to get it right cause its released on a console that dosent have an easy way to get updates.

    (Assumption - X-Box code = V Similar to PC code)
  5. Qumahlin

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    Xbox code is basically PC code, the differences that make it hard to emulate are the proprietary bios

    The fact that the average PC mobo has 2.1 GB a sec bandwidth where as X-box has 6.4GB

    and the problem of Xbox's reading DVD's from the opposite direction of a normal DVD player, other then that a Xbox is just a PC with a Hypertransport bus (well AMD Nforce is hypertransport, Xbox uses the intel version called hyperspeed or whatever)
  6. insaNity

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    Part II

    damn thats sounds neat!
    Might make a nice DivX player seeing as they have analog and digital output capabilities. And a decent hardware mp3 player is always a good thing ;)

    think dedicated (embedded) linux distros for individual tasks.
    It's gonna be way more than a console.
  7. benjeeeboy

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    DVD movie

    They could have just created a dvd movie of gameplay and played it.