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  1. Why do some websites and servers require you to type 'www.' before the address. Some will go to the site and others will fail. Does it have something to do with DNS?
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    Depends on how the host provider works. If a domain name is setup as a reverse then typing just the domain (without the 'www.') will work. On the other hand, if it's not setup with a reverse then you need the 'www.'
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    Yes matt is right.... Some of them require www (World Wide Web) to excess the host. But most of them to me don't.... My short cut is just for example cnn.com I type cnn in the address window and then just push Shift + Enter and it will automatically type the www and .com for you... Works great.. :cool:
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    control enter i belive it is
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    Yeah thats what I meant... CTRL + Enter.... lol.. not shift... what was I thinking?