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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DAZZ, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. DAZZ

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    OK, i decided to go on my copmtuer ones day, then i did, then i went to a folder where i have all my songs, they are seporated in folders, and in EVERY folder theres a outlook express email msg...with the names


    and my NAV 2002 wont detect that its a virus
    so like is there a reason why that the files went in every folder in my songs folder
  2. AmarSingh

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    this might be a little obvious, but did you update your virus definitions and do a full scan (not just program files)??
  3. Led2112

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    I hate to say it but it seem Kinda odd hope its not a virus but it sounds like one. Did you check any other folders for the same message? Also one of the files is named trillian, do you have that installed on your system?
  4. AmarSingh

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    do a search for the other filename....its a graphing app called graphmatica. Do you have it installed?
  5. DAZZ

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    nope i never installed none of those...and my NAV is updated to date, and i did full search 2 times//
  6. KLoWn

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    There is a nasty Virus out there that they are having trouble stoping. [nivda 32 worm] (Like the code red worm) If you have the one i have been reading about there is only 1 way to get rid of it right now.

    Worms are the hardest virus to get rid of because like a living worm they are constantly in motion making them harder to isolate.

    Good Luck...
  7. Angst

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    I am going to assume you are referring to the Nimda worm.
    Trend Micro has a fix tool that will assist in removing the worm from your system without formatting the entire machine.

    Information on Worm

    Make sure you read the directions carefully. It is not an EASY fix, but at least you do not have to wipe your data.

  8. Bubbabyte

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    It is most definitly Nimda.....i have had it...and it hasn't seamed to cause a problem at all although it is annoying when norton pops up when it finds provides itself to you through outlook and duplicates itself.....One word of advice though....when norton pops up do not press OK, OK, OK.....rather go to task manager and shut down norton..cause everytime you press OK it duplicates....
    run the fix that i have includes from the Symantec Site and everything should be fine.....unless you are on a network because then the other computer has it and will spread it back in no me :)
  9. KLoWn

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    KLoWn Can No Spell.. KLoWn only talkth 2 languages English and BAD English ;)

    Yes that was the virus i was reffering too. You guys do know there are like 6 different strains of that worm don't ya..

    Also If you have XP Pro and installed IIS then it is a real pain to get rid of it. I am not sure but the IIS fix is at Microsoft Hotfix area. I am sure these other guys can help better than I.