WTF is this, SPAM? how how how!????

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flatbeat_Eddy, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. I keep getting a windows pop-up message from some gay university?

    it even comes up while im playing games and such, how do they do this, i have attached the Picture to this thread!

    has anybody else seen this type of spam before? i cant seem to find a way to stop it, i used AD#_AWARE but that doesnt do it.

    HELP ME, its pissing me off!!:mad:

    The picture is messed up for some reason, but you can see the POP_UP messenger thing on my desktop.
  2. Jewelzz

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    I just started getting that s*** too. Although I don't play games it's still very annoying :mad:
  3. Nick M

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    I think that's spyware of some sort.

    Opps...didn't read the adware part of your post. Maybe closing IE would help while playing; and clearing your cookies and internet temp files...
  4. Imagine how pissed i was when i played a Clan game of UT2003, when that **** appeared, i had to close game to get rid of it!!

    I so wanna shoot the guy who is sending it.!!
  5. AD, aware dont detect this one, i think its that windows MESSENGER vunerablilty thing that was in the news on this site a while go. i think this site publicised it and now some ******* has used it.
  6. LilBlueDawg

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    hmm, i think that's the same message i kept getting in my email, but it stopped (for now at least).

    off topic, but what's that theme u have, and where can i get it? it looks great!
  7. bluekelt

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    Hi all,

    This is done using the Messenger service that runs as part of XP. This service can be used for sending messages through networks and is not related to Windows Messenger. Essentially these people are probably putting in random IP addresses in order to send these messages to you. In order to stop them you need to go in to services and stop the Messenger service.

    This can be done as follows:

    Go Start and Run ... Type services.msc in the box and press enter. When the Services box opens scroll down to messenger and double click on it. Where it says Startup Type change this to Disabled. Below that click Stop to stop the service from running immediately.

    Hope that helps,
    Catch you all later,
  8. Majin

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    its an exploitation of the windows messenger service if u go into the services control tab u can diable the messenger service which will disable spam of this type
  9. Ok, thx for that, i hope it works!!
  10. madmatt

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    he said it correctly.
  11. funky dredd

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    There was another post about this the other day. I gave the same guidelines with some variation as bluekelt. What happens is this is just a broadcast message that is being sent out on your network. This is not a virus.
  12. shaunj66

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    I think turning on the XP firewall will help prevent this problem, it's done by sending a net send message to your IP address.
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    *** :D 1stly, congrats to all involved in bringing together xp-erience. It's a mine of information. Glad to see you've decided to stick on a domain name ;) but i guess that's a well worn topic by now though. :p ***

    I dunno if you've tried using BitDefender for MSN messenger by Softwin. I use it and haven't had a single MSN related problem since. I'm not even sure if it'll help in your circumstance as I think it just filters received files, but hell, it can't hurt to try!!. ;)

    Not sure of the URL, but I got it from this site, so should still be available. Hope this helps:)