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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by giyo, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. giyo

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    Hi i am having troubles with the time in windows xp.
    I can synchronize the time woth time servers and immediately after the time is correct but when i look half an hour later the time of windows is about 10 minutes behind and it stays 10 minutes...
    can anyone help me?

  2. ZAnwar

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    check your time zone in control panel and see if it is on GMT(Greenwich Mean Time), if you live in the United Kingdom that is !
  3. giyo

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    my tiime zone is on GMT + 01:00 and i live in the netherlands so that is not the problem i think.....
  4. noah472

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    Is you CMOS battery falt? its worth checking this one out (possibly even get another one and try it.) I have heard of that causing the problem before.
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  6. giyo

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    Hi i downloaded the absolute time corrector and it works fine but is in in fact a bit ridicilous to sync every x hours with a time server....
    I haven't tried to replace the CMOS battery so far.
    Thanks everyone for your help.
    Geekygirl... first time i have been helped by a women al least with computers i thought geeky girls only used other OS's!

    see ya,
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    time problems

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    that 's a good one geekygirl, but 'they' always said to me that emancipation of women stops if their car doesn't work anymore i thought the same applied to computers.About womens brains...let's start with your english: "It surprises me not"

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    nice one geekygal/giyo :p
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    Now listen here,

    1. What's wrong with the AA?

    2. How can you criticise my English when people just don't seem to take any notice of their spelling on this site?

    3. Watches are handy!
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    Nice thread!!!:) :) :) :)
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    there isn't anything sexyer than a chyk fixin puters... i am glad to see more and more women getting envolved.. lol... now on to biz - try replacing your battery, could be the prob, and believe it or not, check to see if you can flASH YOUR BIOS (BUT NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT) - DAMN CAPS LOCK- anyways, i had a puter that its clock was super fast, like 10 mins in about 2 mins real time... when i flashed the bios it fixed itself....