WOW! KnightShift Demo is AMAZING!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Vorpal, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Vorpal

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    (443MB - worth a download!)

    The game seems similar to Warcraft III, but more of a RPG/RTS hybrid of sorts....

    In terms of the type of engine/game this is it just totally drops a sledgehammer on Warcraft III. The graphics look more detailed, the shiny/reflective water is amazing, and there's a lot more moving objects (trees and such). Excellent music and pretty good voice acting. Also, unlike the W3 engine you can fully rotate the game view (instead of temporary 30 degree rotations...).

    OK :p HALO runs like crap on my system (Barton 2500 / 9700-PRO). But, this game runs like liquid butter. I set it up at 1280x1024x32 with all options on or "high", and turned on x4aa and x16af. Silky smooth.....

    If I understand things right the US version is going to be called "Once upon a Knight" and is not yet out. I believe an English UK version is out though (which I think is also called "Once upon a Knight"). The company is German....

    Well, I've only spent a few minutes playing but I'm very impressed. I hope the gameplay is actually fun deeper into the campaign (not sure how long the demo goes for).


    DEMO DOWNLOAD LINKS (a fat 443MB):

  2. dubstar

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    Southern California
    im downloading it now.. lets see how it runs on my 9600pro
  3. Bronx Bomber

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    mmm....liquid butter..... *drools*

    downloading. oh yea, once upon a night. it looked good.
  4. Thebodygrd

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    It's not that great of a game it doesn't focus on either RTS or RPG mode very much. You have two different campaigns one in RTS mode and RPG mode. Both are easy by standards in other games. The eye candy isn't all that great and warcraft 3 looks better then this. It's not a very challenging game, it's kind of frustrating too because enemies respawn behind you or if you save some of them will repop when you load, healing items are so common you should never die. The pathing sucks which makes me upset with games almost immediatly when I have to micromanage the pathing. Party members in RPG mode are stupid and the caster classes want to rush the mobs instead of standing back and nuking them like they should.
  5. Vorpal

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    After finishing the demo I'll agree the gameplay wasn't that great (not bad - something to kill time).

    As to Warcraft III looking better .... you must be in need of some new glasses!