wouldnt believe my bad luck.

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by mathew, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. mathew

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    today i bought star trek elite forces, fine until i installed it a realised my cd keys were fake or at least misprints, so had to go back, while taking it back i got hit by a drunk driver (not to bad but my leg is painful), then i lost the receipt to the game. so they wouldnt take the game back, SO pissed of as i was i went home and loaded up OFP only to have my processor fan conk out, then powerpack blew.

    This has been THE worst day of my life,, and it al happened because of STAR TREK ELITE FORCES, and there are still 14 hours left to go.......:confused: :confused:
  2. GDW

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    Thanks for the Warning !!

    I was considering buying this game, but I think that after your xp-erience my money is best spent somewhere else.

    Hope the leg improves (see if you can hurt the other one by kicking the computer ?):eek:
  3. mathew

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    LOL, yeah i cut my hand trying to break the elite forces cd..

    then i kicked the box out the window, then my dog got it and is still chewing on it!!!!!
    meanwhile i ordered it again from www.gameplay.co.uk hopefully they can get me a GOOD copy!!
  4. STGN_Vortex

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    LMAO you poor human :D

    I got the game 18 months ago and I've been playing it on and off for months on end, it's great!
  5. mathew

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    hopefully i can get a copy for before its discontinued.
  6. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    www.gamecopyworld.com may have information on a few valid keys (tho it won't work online!!!)

    Will at least get you playing the single player game.

    FYI, do NOT buy the expansion...it sucks.
  7. mathew

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    wel i agree it sucks for the price

    but because it costs £16.00 for them both, its a bargain,

    yep, the price has been slashed, so has my arm in a few places because i tried to snatch the dvd case from my dogs mouth, lol, it didnt like that.
  8. existenz

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    bah, that's a horrible day.

  9. notoes

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    STAW Rulez

    Bad Day.. But THis Is one of the best games out there, esp. for MultiPlayer
  10. mathew

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    yes i have played it.

    i do also believe the game is one of the best, im still waiting on a replacement from gameplay..

    i cant wait to take the tour of voyager.
  11. notoes

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    Hey Matthew, the expansion for Voyager has been out for some time, I'd say @ least since November, I've looked everywhere and have found it but dind't have any money to buy it, but I need to get that GAME!!!!
  12. mathew

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    you can use your bank card with that site, so its easy to order.