Would a x300, x600, or mobile 9700 128 Run BF2 or HL2???

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by ctcfirebird, Jul 19, 2005.

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    I am going to buy a laptop soon and the only Video Card I can find for a 64bit system that is 17inch is the x300/x600 (HP/COMPAQ) or the Mobile 9700, in like every AMD 64 bit laptop. I know I can get the ferrari and I was going too with the x700 but I want a 17inch (if anyone knows of a x700 AMD64 laptop that is 17inch PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!). But if I do have to settle with the x600 or 9700 will they have a chance at running Battlefield 2 or Half-Life 2?? I am planning on having at least 2 gigs in these systems, that should help it!
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    I don't know how soon you'd want to get the laptop but the only 17" AMD with a better graphics card than a x700 I can think of off the top of my head is the AMD version to the Clevo D900T that's dues out sometime around Oct or Nov. I know Sager is already planning to carry this but I forget the model number they're asigning to it.


    Ok I did a lil digging around again on this and so far Clevo is calling this the D900K but Sager has yet to definitively set a a model number or release an official spec list cuz this is still in testing yet. But this is the AMD eqivalent of the Sager 9860 and later 9880(the 9880 is the revised version of the 9860).
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    Run it? Yes.

    Run it well?

    No :)

    Will have to turn off many effects with the x300 and x600. 9700 likely will be about the same as well.

    Best buy probably would be an Inspiron 9300 from Dell with a 6800 but its not going to be 64-bit.