Worth it to upgrade from pc2700 to pc3200?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vuronev, May 15, 2004.

  1. vuronev

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    I just got a athlonXP 3000+ 400fsb cpu to upgrade my system (friend sold me his cheap, since he was moving up to athlon64).

    My current cpu is an athlonXP 2500+ with 2x256mb of corsair xms pc2700 memory.

    My question is, will I get a significant speed increase if I upgrade to pc3200 ram to go along with the new 3000+ chip? or is the potential upgrade in performance not worth shelling out $150 dollars just to go from pc2700 to pc3200?

    Thanks in advance.


    AthlonXP 3000+ barton
    Asus a7n8x-dlx rev.2
    Zalman cnps7000 alcu fan/heatsink
    ati radeon pro 9500 256mb
    WD special edition 80gb 8mb 7200rpm
    2x256 corsair xms pc2700
    Antec Sonata case
  2. AudioSlayer

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    yo dont need to buy the new chip. Buy some 3200 ram for 90 bucks on newegg. And overclok yr processor to a 3200+. Its quite easy to, set yr fsb to 200 and yr multi. to 11
  3. Admiral Michael

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    If you read it right, he already got the 3000+ processor and is looking for an answer. He wants to kno if he'll get a perforance boost by upgradin to pc3200 ram. Thats what I understood anyways.
  4. Ded Morozh

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    i run a 2500+ with pc3200 underclocked to pc2700 at the moment. I have overclocked the FSB and dropped my multiplier so that i stayed at 1.8 Ghz to benchmark and didn't see much of a difference. if you're looking for a boost for gaming my suggestion would be a vid card upgrade. the top end vid cards are dropping in price right now...Fry's just had a 1 day sale of 9800 128 meg cards for $179.
  5. champ2005

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    it is probably not worth upgrading the ram to pc3200, unless you forsee yourself getting a p4 prescott or amd64 in the near future, but it doesnt seem like you are.
    you could upgrade and keep it for an upgrade later but by then 512MB will be a diminutive amount and the newer processors probably will use a newer type of memory

    so no, its not worth upgrading. save ur $90.
  6. LeeJend

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    Not worth the upgrade. But then you may not have to:

    Increase the wait states on the 2700 memory and then see if you can run it at 400 mhz clock. This will give you synchronous operation with your CPU FSB (best performance). If it's a barton CPU the bigger cache will keep the wait state increase impact minimal. Also the dual data rate operation of the NF2 chipset will minimize bandwidth limitations.

    I played a lot with my AMD memory setup and got no significant speed increases. The 400 Mhz CPU FSB is the choke point with the XP chips.
  7. ming

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    A bit like asking should you upgrade from 3000+ to 3200+ cpu.
    Splashing out on a minor upgrade like that is not worth it at all.