World of Warcraft Open Beta for 1 week

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    Hey I just thought I would throw a news line at you.

    “Sign Up for the World of Warcraft Stress Test Beta! - Block on 08/26/04
    In order to evaluate World of Warcraft's account-creation process and server performance under heavy loads, Blizzard will be conducting a seven-day stress test beta in the days ahead. This test will require over 100,000 players to download the World of Warcraft stress test beta client, create an account, and log on to play when the test goes live!
    To make the client available for download to such a large audience, we have partnered with FilePlanet, GameSpy's Web-based file-delivery service.
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    i remember i signed up for the beta of war craft 3 and they never even sent me any information so im not gonna even try signing up this time lol :p