WMP9 - Essential Link Deleted??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wn van deursen, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. Copied an audio CD (first time). Had some problem with getting the tracks info out of the viewer. Afterwards I found the copying data in a bulky Temp file in My Documents with all the copying data from this record so I threw it away. Was able to play the record twice (and a few others), but after that I began to get webconnected error messages. The MP website says that "a link to a temp file from the Internet cache was added to Media Library, and then deleted, please repair the link"...Got no idea what link this could be, and how to get it back. I did a System Recovery well beyond the the CD copying-date, but WMP didn't get restored. Must be some link! What do I do now??

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    Uninstall your current WMP.
    Download the latest version (9) and reinstall.
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    you can't uninstall WMP
    I bet you didnt understnd what he/she said...me either :D
  4. re WMP

    I have a downloaded WMP at hand but I guessed as much...What I just don't understand is why SystemRestore didn't work for WMP. For the same reasons as that you cannot replace the original program, perhaps?...So the free download is only for people who DON'T have XP? Ridiculous.

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