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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bluzeboy, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. bluzeboy

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    can anyone tell me if wmp9 is going to stay in beta or is it ever going to be released in non-beta?
  2. who Knows, i personally think that wether its a beta or alpha it will still be buggy, but atleast its FREE.

    I wouldnt touch the BETA version with a 1 mile long weiner though.:D :D
  3. BugOuT

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    Sooner or Later, after they fixed all the bugs in it.

    Too bad, there's no unistall utility that comes with that program.

  4. Howling Wolf

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    WMP9 works fine for me ! ;)
  5. dadx2mj

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    The first bets that appeared on Windows Update page gave me all kinds of problems, it would hardly play anything. Then they released a second beta and it has been good for me since. My suggestion, if you have not installed it yet dont, wait until it is out of beta. If you have the first version and are having problems get the second one and cross your fingers.