WMP 9 beta choppy sound

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by fedele, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. fedele

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    I installled the wmp 9 recently and noticed that whenever I play an MP3 file the quality of the sound is very poor and the volume is low... also there is so much bass that the subwoofer looks like it's gonna blow up! changing the settings and effects doesn't seem to do nothing. I get an improvement when I use headphones....I don't think the speakers are not working properly because yesterday worked sweet with older wmp.

    any suggestions?
  2. first of all u dont play mp3s in wmp, use winamp. 2nd it'll teach u not to download betas.

    but actually try looking in the option for mp3 settings maybe? i dont have 9 but just guessing, or go to ms site and see what they have to say about this
  3. dabomb

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    well what was the program designed for then?
  4. .wmv ? .wma?
  5. fedele

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    Thank you all for your replies,... you are right I shouldn't mess with betas, but I needed the program to watch a video of HALO they posted so i said to myself "what the heck let's do it...."

    Anyway, I've heard many good things about winamp...I think I'll give it a try....

    Sorry, my mistake I converted all my MP3's to WMA....so now I have WMA only.....

    any more ideas will be greatly appreciated. if you noticed I have audigy with latest drivers installed, but I only installed the drivers and not all the other software stuff that comes with it....you think I should install all of that crap to get decent music reproduction?....is there a way to tweak the audio card and get the most of it?

    life without good music is not life....at all.
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    bad, bad!

    WMA = sux!

    if you want the best format, then mp3 (not mp3 pro)
    if you want the little format, then ogg (and still ogg is better that wma).

    Even more, i heard that someone to convert to wma and he is unable to play this file in another pc. Is true?
  7. fedele

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    not that bad...not at all...wma saves disk space and it used to sound very well with the old wmp player software, let's not loose the subject here...

    yes I can share and play wma on other computers, I even share them with KAZAA!....maybe your friend has protected his content...license stuff...and can't share...all he has to do is change the option in wmp.
  8. Magallanes

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    Of course WMA save space, but OGG also save more space that WMA and OGG don't have this problems (and have better sound).

    So, IMHO :WMA is good for nothing.