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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jellyboy11, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. jellyboy11

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    i want to do a wireless networking in my house, using 3Com Access Point 1.x and 3Com AireConnect 11 Mbps Wireless LAN Pc Card. I use my laptop with this. i have everytihng plugged, but the wireless connection and host cannot be detected. Instead of getting an ip from DHCP, winxp gives me an automatic Ip crap. Wut is wrong?? BTW. I upgraded my Pc Card (Model 3CRWE737A) to the latest version.
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    Have you got the Gateway and Subnet correct ?
  3. Lactic.Acid

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    Is either ICS installed correctly, or is the DHCP software with the access point configured properly? Have you tried rebooting, doing an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew ??

    (If he's trying to get stuff via DHCP, he doesn't have to enter a gateway or a subnet)

  4. jellyboy11

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    how do i do ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew ??

    and yes i did get the ip things correct, it was given to me automatically by DHCP.
  5. greensteed

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    I am using wireless network with my laptop. I don't use 3com devices though.

    You're using XP I assume or you would not be here?

    From what you say you are not getting an IP from DHCP in the AP.

    Under Network connections select Wireless Network Connection and right click properties.

    Under the first tab 'General' you should see the name of your PC card e.g. 3com etc. If not your card is not installed.

    Under the 2nd tab 'Wireless Networks'. In the 'Wireless Networks' box you see if the PC card can see the radio signals from the AP and it gives the AP point and you should see the ESSID of the AP - usually defaults to 'Wireless'.

    Did you set the AP to DHCP server?
    Did you change the AP's ESSID - don't yet?

    If you want to force it to renew the DHCP IP then disable the PC card and then enable it. That forces it to release the IP and ask for another - you probably get the same one again.

    There are rather a lot of settings you can check. I can give you a run down of what they sholld look like if needed.

    However I should say its not normally that hard. Normally just install, switch on and it all connects without messing with anything.
  6. Lactic.Acid

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    Open up a command prompt (start -> run : cmd or start->programs->accessories->Command Prompt) and type the ipconfig commands there. You may want to type "ipconfig /all" there as well to get all your networking information and see if anything looks wrong.
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    thx greensteed, but can u answer another wireless question?

    When u use wireless cable, do u constantly get pauses during file transfers or online games, then the conection goes back to normal. Is there any solution to this??


    I tried the ipconfig /all thing, and the ip i get is tatally different than the one i get from www.whatismyip.com.
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    wireless cable? ha i think i'll send the new guy down to the supply room for 30 fet of wireless cable. ROFL
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    its wireless (cable connection)
  10. greensteed

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    Yeah - jellyboy11 I am also using wireless connection to a cable modem to my ISP.

    No I don't get any pauses in communication when all is working as it should - it should run just like a wired connection. I have 600Mbps download and I get good average downloads at this rate where the internet server allows such rates.

    I have had some problems with the wireless link that give weird effects.

    Problems I have had:
    1. I have a bug in the power save mode on the card which causes it to rapidly switch on/off - this caused no end of problems until I found out the cause and disabled it. My card is a Dell card (orinoco) so I doubt you have the same problem unless the card power save is an XP function.
    2. I use a router to the cable modem and on (rare) occasions the card transmission makes the router hang. I dunno the cause.

    I wonder do you know that cable modem capping can cause strange effect - which will show up regardless of your network link being wired or wireless. Tends to show on games when the game server feeds the modem too much UDP data which is lost. That would look like pauses as the modem errors and recovers. If you have a problem with a parfticular site or game try with a wired connection and see if the problem remains. That will eliminate the wireless link or prove its the cause.

    There is a terrific guide to cable modem connections and things you can check out.

    Also I use a comms monitor which will show you the realtime comms rate between your wireless nic and the modem.
    Download AnalogX NetStat Live and monitor with that.
    Try a big download and see if the monitor shows dipping in the data flow.

    Come back again - I'm interested in the problem.
  11. jellyboy11

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    i use a cable modem connected to a router which connects to the AP. the 3Com driver that im using is in beta testing, so this might be my main problem and concern. BTW ur progs work great ;)
  12. Lactic.Acid

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    Yes, I know. The IP you get when you type /ipconfig is your internal IP, the one your wireless router is using. The one you get from www.whatismyip.com is your external IP, the one that is accessible from the outside, and the one your cable provider gave you.

    greensteed: The powersave function is an XP thing, assuming the hardware supports it (which most do). You can actually tell XP to turn off a PCI NIC to save power, as well.