Wireless Networking and Internet Sharing

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hitman, Mar 2, 2004.

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    ok, here is what i bought,

    Linksys ADSL Gateway - Modem/Router/4-Port Switch/Wireless Ready - Model Number - BEFDSR41W
    Linksys Wireless PCMIA Card (x2) 1 for lappy one for gateway

    Currently i can file share between the main comp and the lappy, the comp being the main server,

    what i cant do is access the internet via the modem installed in the gateway, so therefore i cannot use the wireless features to use the internet via my laptop, currently to connect to the internet i use a Alcatel Speedtouch USB 'Stingray' whatever u wanna call it,

    I am so stuck now i dont know what to do about getting the internet connected via the gateway,

    the dot on the front says its connected, i get the 2 comps in the taskbar saying i am connected at 576kb/s yet when i look at the settings of the gateway i get 'PPP Disconnected' i aint the foggiest what this means and i am now so drained at getting this working i am getting rather annoyed, can anyone help,


    Kevin Pinner,

    E-mail - hitman_fh_mohaa@hotmail.com
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    Firstly, have you checked that Internet Sharing option has been enabled?
    If you haven't done that, right click on connection icon in system tray, go to properties, then click on the 'Advanced' tab at the top. Enable Internet Sharing on the main comp.

    Next, you'll need to run network setup wizard on your laptop. When it asks you whether you have a direct/indirect internet connection, select the one that says connect through another computer.
    Once you've gone through the setup, you may need to reboot before you are able to complete the whole process.

    Once that's done, you should be able to get on the net on both machines.