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    ok, I am trying to get my PCMCIA motorola WN825G wireless NIC card to start at boot. I have it working... but fails at the boot up when I look at it in verbose mode. I did the NDISWRAPPER -m so it is listed in the /etc/modprobe.conf

    once I am booted, obviously no internet and in order to get it back up I have to open the console in SU mode and type the following:

    # modprobe ndiswrapper
    # iwconfig wlan0 mode Managed
    # iwconfig wlan0 key restricted s:<enter key here>
    # iwconfig wlan0 essid <essid name>
    # ifconfig wlan0 up
    # dhclient wlan0

    by doing this, it gives me an IP, then I am up and going. Since it is failing at boot, is there a way I can make a script of this so that it will work automagically? Or any other ideas??????????

    lots of different (but the same stuff) online about the ndiswrapper nightmare. but all say to write wireless config to file " # ndiswrapper -m " and it will work, but doesn't.

    thanks for your time. After all said and done, I plan to write a detailed post on how to do this from start to finish. I will be outta town for the weekend.

    Thanks again!
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    interesting thread - thought I would bump (wish I could give input though!)

    Hey Lord - any ideas here?
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    im baccccccccccccccccck. wow, no ideas.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ok i will see if i can figure out how to make a script for it then. I will also try and finger out why it isnt working right like it should at a later date.
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    wellllllll alrighty then!

    My wireless is up and going on boot in the proper way. no bash scripts required.

    i gots to get all my notes together.... then I am going to do a fresh install and do one step at a time on how to get it setup. this way there will be a nice thorough HOW-TO on this matter. atleast for the NDISWRAPPER and Mandrake 10.1