WinXP Pro Build 2600 Startup problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kiwinsn, Apr 30, 2002.

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    Whenever I start WinXp Pro, I have two progs ( Microsoft Money Express and WinDates) which start automatically. I can close the windows, but the taskbar doesn't refesh and still shows progs running. Putting the mouse over the boxes gives me the hourglass. I can start Outlook Express but can't connect. I can go through My Computer and do the normal things there, but Start Menu still not working ( hourglass ). After a couple of minutes, the floppy drive activates ( as on startup), everything clears and I'm away as normal. I can check Task Manager and all seems well ( no progs using resources that shouldn't be there). I notice that System Idle Process is using approx 20% CPU. The only thing I thought of was SBserv.exe ( Norton Antivirus Script Blocker) was running and as soon as that stopped, everything was fine.
    This has only been happening for the past few days and NAV has been installed for quite a while with no problems.
    It seems that something is trying to dialup using the modem, but I can't find any prog that is doing it.
    Any suggestions????
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    try doing a start/run/msconfig.exe

    go to the startup tab and uncheck the boxes that are involved... reboot and see what you get.... you can always go back into msconfig and re-check anything that you undo.
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    Tried all those things but no luck.

    Only happens on my log in. I have 3 others for my sons and if they are first to log on there are no problems at all.