WinXP + Highpoint problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Veky, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. Veky

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    First of all, hy everyone. :)

    Now, my sys specs:

    ABIT KA7-100, Athlon 750, 256mb PC133 RAM, Kyro 2 64mb, SBLive Value,Highpoint RAID controller 370 currently having WinME (yeah I know ). It's a POS but my POS. ;)

    All drivers up to date, HPT driver 2.31, HPT bios also 2.31 (unofficial cause Abit ain't supporting this mobo anymore)

    I had WinXP Pro for some time but there's obviously some compatability issue with Highpoint controller and WinXP.

    I haven't got any RAID arrays created but still HD performance in WinXP is crappy, including in games or apps.

    But I decided to give XP another go... Read somewhere that a lot of people have this problem, and some say they fixed it by installing the latest HPT driver 2.31 and deleting the file hptpro.sys.

    I need your info. Tell me what to try, what to fix... Please


  2. Veky

    Veky Guest

    Nobody has probs with WinXP and HighPoint RAID controllers?

  3. daddyo

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    The only problem that I know of with Highpoint is that one of it's files stops the System Restore feature from working under WindowsXP - to resolve this you must delete the file hptpro.sys from the c:\windows\system32\drivers\ directory.

    I found this to be the case with my new machine. Other than that, no other problems that cropped up with highpoint.
  4. Comptech

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    When you install XP do not install the high point drivers via the F6 button. XP has them in the install files already. I have three abit boards with high point on them and they all work fine under XP.
  5. Veky

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    Installed WinXP back today.:mad:

    This time I tried to install it on FAT 32 and installed HPT370 drivers version prior to 2.31 & 2.3.
    Installed it successfully as always.

    HD performance is still low. You can notice it by yourself and I tested it in SANDRA.
    Games are still laggy and slow (compared to WinME), applications take much more time to load on XP.

    I dunno know what else to do. HPT370 can't be disabled from BIOS, it's got it's separate own BIOS.

    But, someone told me to disconnect the disks from the HPT370 RAID controller and connect them to a normal IDE controller. (I'd like to do that cause I don't even use RAID)
    But the problem is, how to do it? Which cable goes where?

    Thanks in advance for any info.:)
  6. Comptech

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    Just look at the board closely. I think the regular IDE connectors are blue and the raid connectors are orange. But anyway in real small print you will see IDE0 and IDE1 Put your drives on the IDE0 connector for regular non htp370 operation. Also in the bios you can disable the HTP370, you will still see it on the post, but windows will not and it will free a IRQ also. P.S. Do yourself a favor and reformat back to NTFS.
  7. Veky

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    Will try that! I have no use of RAID so I should just disable. /crosses fingers that it works ;)

    Where can I disable it?:confused: Didn't see any option matching like "Disable RAID". :)

    Yes I know. Every time I installed XP it was on NTFS. Only tried FAT32 this time to see if it's the problem.

    I hope it will work cause I dont wanna go back to WinME.:(
  8. shniest

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    if you cannot find in the BIOS to disable 'onboard raid controller' or disable something of that could be, if your motherboard is older, that this may be found as a jumper on your mainboard. Look at your mainboard manual for a jumper or goto the website of your board manufacturer and find a manual. It's fine to switch back to your standard IDE's but still a pain if the highpoint bios is loading up and you have to sit through it on bootup for nothing. Unless of course the highpoint system is say ata100 and your standard IDE's are 66 this might be why you would want them functioning normally in the first place. Also check your Hard drive maybe its an older drive and performance is lack luster in the first place.

    If you can post your Sandra marks and how do they compare to a single ata66 drive or a single ata100 drive. Also benching a system partition will most of the time show weaker performance than benching a non system partition. I run two-40GB IBM's 7200Rpm RAID0 on my highpoint system and when i bench the system drive it shows as performing slightly better than a single ata100 drive but when i bench the non system partition it performs equal to that of two raided ata100 drives according to Sisoft Sandra.

  9. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    You can download ModBin and rewrite Bios .bin file and flash modded bios. Of course, do at own risk...:eek:
  10. Veky

    Veky Guest

    Ok, guys, update :

    I've connected the HD's to the IDE-0 and CD & CDRW to IDE-1 and disabled the HPT370 RAID controller.

    It fixed my Red Alert 2 issue, but UT is still running slow.

    Now I've got to benchmark some other stuff and try other games to see how for me WinXP compares to WinME.

    But I still don't get it, why is UT 30% slower. The best way I can describe it is that UT is much slowed down by smoke effects, decals and characters. In WinME it was also getting slowdowns at those points but not bellow 35 fps. In WinXP it drops constantly to 10-25 fps.

    Give me any more info.
  11. skytop

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    Daddyo: re hptpro.sys

    You are the first person who mentioned the system restore not functioning due to the presence of hptpro.sys [//B]

    I checked my directory and hptpro.sys is indeed present. What does this small file do? High Point provides it for some function for the RAID array (I'm using XP pro) What will suffer with its removal? This sounds like a fix but at what price???

    Microsoft and Highpoint make no mention of this conflict.
    Could you offer additional info on this subject if possible?
    How did you hear about this 'fix'? Thanks.
  12. Veky

    Veky Guest

    Re: Daddyo: re hptpro.sys

    Yes, neither MS or HPT don't want to admit this issue.:mad:

    All I know is that some user with HPT Raid controllers and WinXP have performance issues or things not working. I've heard about this "fix" also on one tech forum where there was a huge thread dedicated to this problem. Don't remember where it was. :(
  13. Geffy

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    United Kingdom
    I have XP Pro and Abit KT7 RAID mobo with a HPT370 RAID on board. I have never had any problems with it.

    I have Maxtor 20 and Maxtor 80 gig drives on the RAID controller as it also does the ATA100. The CD drives are on the normal IDE ports.

    No problems for me. I am using the most up to date BIOS for my Mobo and RAID controller from ABIT and the default XP HPT370 driver.
  14. Comptech

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    I must admit, my th7II has always worked fine too, even system restore worked fine. I think the key is using XP's drivers and not the ones from Abit.
  15. shniest

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    This is probably caused by the design of UT. UT is a game that utilizes yor whole system not just a good GPU. So if your comapring UT to say a Q3 based game or HL based game they are gonna be dif. UT uses a percent of your HD, CPU, memory, everything... more than any other game engine. So for UT to run top notch your whole system must be of decent performance not just a good video card. Wait for UT2003 and try that hopefully the engine will be dif but of course newer so it may just as well be even slower.

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  17. Veky

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    Cheers guys, but I reinstalled WinME. (shrug)

    Xp was slowing down everything by 40% (cirka)... even the benchmarks.
  18. skytop

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    Response from High Point on XP conflict

    High Point responded to my inquiry about the conflict between hptpro.sys file and Windows XP causing the System Restore not to function. Their reply is:

    "You can delete the hptpro.sys file if you encounter this problem (System restore fails to work) .
    The file is not required by the controller, and it will function noramlly without it.
    HighPoint Technologies"

    Looks like this file is not required. I will rename it/save it and hopefully this will allow System Restore to function properly.
    Hope this helps other High Point RAID users with this XP conflict.