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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pntgrd, Jan 7, 2002.

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    I am at the end of my proverbal rope with trying to burn any cd-rw in XP. When I first installed XP Home and also installed Nero's InCD, after a little tweaking I was able to use InCD. In fact I burned 5 cd-rw's with it, erased files, added files, and was greatly impressed I had finally found a program like DirecCD but NOT DirecCD. But after a few days of being fine I now cannot use InCD to burn. When I try, InCD will mount the disk but if I try to burn to it, it brings up the XP program, which is Disabled in Services by the way, and that will not recognize what is on the disk already. Somone suggested it might be a bug, I thouht maybe something is corrupted, so I dropped the F-bomb and started from scratch, this time with the Pro version. Updated the ASPI, updated Nero, installed InCD, disabled IMAPI, but SAME problem right from the start. So I figure I have had enough and dump InCD and will try to just use XP's IMAPI for packet writing. Problem is, NOW it will not let me drop any files on the cd-rw, I am guessing because it cannot read the format of the disk since InCD is no longer around. Right-click will not get me a "format" option to change the disk. I installed FileCD 2.0 and tried to format the disk in a udf standard format that XP is supposedly able to read but no luck. In fact, FileCD won't write to it either. Puth the disk in and it just sets there with the light blinking untill you eject the disk. I really do not want to try DirecCD to see if I can get it to work but this is starting to really p*** me off.
    Any suggestions?
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    alot of people are having problems with that, i personally dont htink its even worth the time.