WinOnCd 3.8 Patch???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by djpapakas, Dec 10, 2001.

  1. djpapakas

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    Where can I find the patch for WinOnCd?
    I try to follow the link that is given in the "archive" section but it is broken...
    Could anyopne help me?

    Thank you
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    every time i try use WinOnCD 3.8 on my box it already give me an error eventhough i have the last drivers.
    like this .

    Error retrieving SCSI?IDE bus information:
    NO SCSI host adapter found.

    but i am using my Ricoh Burner is IDE though.
    then after i click ok it give me another error says:

    Recording engine error!
    Function "C2RE_GetAvailRecorder" returns Codes 0000020d
    No possible target devices found.

    so yea basicly i can't use WinOnCd.

    ps: by the way my WinOnCD3.8 is German is anyone know is there any English version one.
    pss: is WinOnCD 5.0 working on Win XP??