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    Ive always used winmx to look for relevant files taht are legal for sharing. Now, since i built this new computer it will not load. I can use ares though.

    Yahoo messenger has been doing wierd things too like not putting an icon on the desktop and i have to actually go through windows explorer to find the messenger start icon to run it.

    With winmx i open it and it halfway opens on the bottom (blue bar at bottom of the screen) and closes before it actually gets anywhere.

    Ive tried redownloading it blah blah blah

    Only thing differnent with this computer is the amd processor, raid0 hard drives, and the nvidia firewall in which i went around using the marvell lan controller.

    BTW when i use the nvidia ethernet port i get irql errors.

    What gives ..any ideas why cause i hate ares.
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    Fresh install of windows on new computer?