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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Womble, Mar 16, 2002.

  1. Womble

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    I downloaded this version and installed it, but it didn't recognise the one I had already installed and has not upgraded it.
    It created a new folder call Windvdi and now asks be to activate it.
    I tried running my old version, but it tells me to reinstall.

    Is this version really an upgrade as well ?

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    I had a simillar problem, heres what I did that should work for you too (i hope).

    Uninstall both copies of WinDVD, your original and the one you downloaded to update.


    Delete any left over's like the winDVDi directories.

    Install the new version ONLY, and logon to your account and you get the usual reactivate screen, reactivate and reboot. DO NOT run winDVD immediatly after activation, reboot first.

    Everything should be ok now.

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    You star !

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    Yeah didn't really think of that, tho I guess Intervideo didn't either, they decided to change the location where it gets installed to.