WindowsXP SP1 Beta Build 1081 Compatible w/ "Corporate XP"?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JayCool, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. JayCool

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    I'm just wondering whether or not this latest leaked version of the SP will enable a "warezed" XP to upgrade ?
  2. Trev

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    if you change your CD key....
    if your still on FCKGW, no upgrade for you :)
  3. mlava

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    i thought the SP1 looks at your PID(Product ID)...would it work if you just changed your product ID using X-Setup and then install SP1? Has anyone tried that?
  4. chastity

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    Ok as far as ur basic question is the Sp that is leaked work on a corporate version of XP the short answer yes. The long answer is that is depend's on if u have a legit version or a shady version if its a shady version then no it will not install. As far as looking at the PID I don't know but Trev is right if u have the key he posted then as he said its a no go to install it. There is a program that was posted in another thread that would show u what ur cd-key is and then based on that u would know if u can or can't install the SP on ur system.
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