Windows XP Update Problem???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ed2k, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. ed2k

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    Hi. I have Windows XP Pro and have updated it in the past. I went to the windows update site and found new update. After selecting to download them, I accepted the security warnings.

    Now I get a screen popup thats says 'Preparing to Download' but the download never begins. Can anyone please help?

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    See if this helps:

    Windows Update - Error

    If you cannot update XP check your c:\windows\windows update.log. If you have this error: Error 0x800C0008 then go to Tools\internet options\languages. You must have one language selected. Boom windows update works again!
  3. ed2k

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    Nope this didn't fix the problem. I can see the updates and I can add the updates. As soon as I try to download them, they will not start downloading, the progress stays at zero.
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    hey, umm

    u have a firewall on, if u dont try checking the ICF for mS it might be enabled and blocking the d/l or disable the POP up stoppers u have running in the background or goin the IE secruity settings and then changhe them, make shure u have cookies enable, for security serttings try making everything diabled