Windows XP SP2, Build 2162 (Express Installer EN)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Lee, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. Lee

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    Hi kids, it's here at last:

    Today, Microsoft has released a new build of XPSP2 to enrolled testers. Build 2162 is intended to collect last-minute feedback before XPSP2 goes RTM in early August.

    The network installer, as well as slipstreamed versions of this build have been posted on Microsoft's Windows Beta web site. Additionally, the express installer has been made available via Windows Update V5, though it is only offered to official beta testers who previously added a certain key to their registry.

    Although upgrading of machines running XPSP2 RC2 is supported in this build, it is recommended to uninstall any previous beta builds before installing the new one.

    Download: Windows XP SP2, Build 2162 (Express Installer EN)
    Source here

    I'm getting so excited I am going to wet myself soon!
  2. Petros

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    w00t! Thanks, Lee!
  3. Bman

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    Do you need an earlier beta of SP2 to install this?
  4. Lee

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  5. Lee

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    That link I found is the same as the last service pack :(
  6. Electronic Punk

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    Damn, anyone got the old express?
    Will host it here...

    I installed the new sp2 beta over RC2 and it worked fine.
  7. Lee

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  8. Lee

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  9. Lee

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    I finally got my grubby hands on the service pack xpsp2_2162, I feel like my PC has got faster by 33%, this has to be very very very close to FINAL!
  10. Perris Calderon

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    lee. you're saying this service pack has managed to make your os faster?

    is this because you are running a buggy sp2 beta or is it something else?

    I was just about to tell everyone they're nuts to run this till it's final...I don't even install it after it's final till I see the issues that are reported for about a month.

    however, if this service pack makes the os faster, I'll probably go right ahead with it.

    maybe it consolidates previous patches into something more efficient?

    I'd like to hear more from people concerning the affect on performance
  11. Lee

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    My pentium 4 1.533 ghz processor feels closer to a 2 GiG ;)

    If you have a previous sp2 build, uninstall it first, when installing this new one make sure you check uninstall part so if you are not happy you can remove it with no problem!
  12. rushm001

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  13. gillmacca

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    makes windows run faster???????
    i installed service pack 2 build 2162 several days ago, but when i reboot, everything boots and loads ok, but windows continues to access my hard drive for 10 mins, leaving me unable to use my system for this period of time
  14. allbusiness

    allbusiness on drukqs

    Does anyone else find the firewall and autoupdates to be very annoying? (blocking BitTorrent ports, popping up baloons)
  15. Lee

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    I only used bit torrent to download last xpsp2, so don't know if it blocks torrent ports.

    The firewall can be configured the way you want it and even turned off.
    Balloon tips can be turned off quite easily.
  16. manfromyard

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    thanx lee..good post.
  17. theophilus

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    I haven't found any problems. I get the new windows firewall popping up now and then after I install or run a program it hasn't seen, and it says it blocked it and asks me if I would like to continue blocking it. Other than that, I haven't experienced any problems yet (other than getting it installed).