Windows XP Pro, bad ping when online gaming.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by davehuge, Mar 4, 2002.

  1. davehuge

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    I've recently upgraded to Windows XP Pro from Windows 98. I play Counter-strike online alot (56k modem) and since upgrading my ping has increased and is not stable.

    My ping on Win98 was about 120 to 200 now with XP Pro it jumps from 250 to about 900, unplayable.

    Any ideas? I've tried disabling the 'Reserved Bandwith' which has improved things slightly but it's still unplayable.

    Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    are you using generic XP drivers for you modem? if so go check to see if your modem maker has newer drivers for XP. Also you might wanna goto DSLreports and check your Rwin and such and make sure it isn't set alot higher by default in XP

    Also what is your normal ping? you say in online games your ping is jumping from 250 to 900, but what is your ping to normal sites and such?
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    QOS does not increase or decrese bandwidth....really doesn't...unless you on a QOS awre network using QOS apps...which I doubt anyone here is.

    Trust me this was covered in my courses when I was getting my mcse :)
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    Bad ping

    Tried all of the above. Nothing seems to help. I'm running "Windows XP Home" on my laptop, with a built in modem and I get a ping of around 200.

    Think I'll switch my desktop to "Windows XP Home" to save any more trouble!

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    Try looking on They have guides to tweak your modem and CounterStrike to lower ping times.
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    If you have a 2nd drive you may what to move any files you want to save to it. Format your primary and clean install XP (applies to all OS's). It's been my experience over the years that this method is the only reliable method of installing any of MS's OS's without creating any additional glitches and reassuring that any problems you may encounter is confined either the OS itself or hardware related and not do to files, dll's, etc left behind from the previous OS.

    Goodluck :)

    Rock On!!!:cool:

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    Bad ping when online gaming with Windows XP Pro.

    Well, I'm sorry folks. I gave in and splashed out £90 on XP Home edition.

    I've tried all of the suggestions above.

    I found that with XP Pro my connection seemed to pulse, now with XP Home it seems steady.

    Going back to my online gaming ping with XP Pro it jumped around from 150 to 900, but with XP Home it stays at a steady 170, which is pretty much what I had with win98, and this is quite acceptable.

    Still not sure what XP Pro does to your bandwidth but sure looks strange to me.

    My advice to anybody else is if you're using your PC at home with a 56k modem get the XP Home edition (just like Microsoft intended).

    Thankyou to everyone for your help.