windows xp is using all my disk space

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Arrian, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. Arrian

    Arrian Guest

    I have the folowing problem

    on my windows partition (7Gb) xp is using 3Gb so i must have left 4 Gb.
    But after a some time when I used a lot of programs it used allso the rest of my disk.
    I have my pagefile on a differend partition and it's about 800 Mb so I think thats not the problem.
    After a restard I have all the space back.
    so I do not know what is using all my space.

    I hope someone can help me.
  2. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    what progs you got running on your system list all of em then i could help a bit better
  3. Arrian

    Arrian Guest

    I stopt all the programs that run at startup
    When I run for example Ad-aware and it is scanning then I see after a few minute's that the space on my disk is about 1Gb less
  4. 2z

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  5. Arrian

    Arrian Guest

    Thank's for pointing me to the program.

    I have seen that log file (trace.log) is eating my disk space.
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\LogFiles\WMI in this directory is the log file.
    but now is the question how can I let it stop logging
  6. Hipster Doofus

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    Have you thought maybe it is system restore & hibernation taking up the space? I don't think a log is very big. Can't be sure though because I don't have that folder.
  7. XP Abuser

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    log files would find it pretty hard to fill up with 4gb and notepad doesnt even open them up at a fraction of that. i think its an app stuck in a continuous loop cuz its ****e. and id say find out what program is doing it and kill it.
  8. allan

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    trace.log is created by BootVis - it's generally very large - delete it.

    System Restore is reserving however much space you told it to. Delete your old restore points (Disk Cleanup)

    The Temporary Internet File may be set too large - move it to another partition or decrease the size.

    Master File Table (NTFS) reserves 12% of you drive - you can't touch it.
  9. Arrian

    Arrian Guest

    It was indeed a log from bootvis
    Bootvis was still tracing after I ran it again the file was gone and so my problem

    Thank's for pointing me in the right direction
  10. allan

    allan Guest

    You're welcome
  11. aelaan

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    Killer app

    Did we all run this after we received the information from PCWorld? Well if you turn tracing on.... there is an option in Bootvis to turn tracing off. DO THAT.
    It took me about 3 days to figure out what was going on, ran out of disk space 6 times on a 120gb drive, thought this was a virus, turned my system inside out, was ready to ghost it back and all of a sudden I remembered that killer app..... Speeding up the bootup right..... well speeding up filling your disk with stuff and hald assed information from a magazine that could cause people to look for ages to understand why their system is all of a sudden sluggish.....

    Killer app!!

    :huh: :D
  12. damnyank

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    Am I missing something??

    As I recall I have never had to "turn tracing off".

    Explanation/link please!
  13. rettahc

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