Windows XP hangs!! (hardware?)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tjfoz, Aug 3, 2003.

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    k. i just installed my ati radeon 9500 pro cuple of ddays ago. When i did the system hung at after the post screen. The monitor would go black and would not load any further. :eek: I reinstalled winxp and it worked fine. Now I had to move a pci card from 1 slot to another becuase ati recommended it for air flow. My pc now does the same thing as it did with the hang! WEIRD! Any1 help me? The pci card wuz a dlink wireless dwl-650. I DONT WANT TO REINSTALL WINDOWS EVERY TIME I MOVE A COMPUTER COMPONENT!!
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    did u try to uninstall the dlink driver and see if this help?
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    keep the PCI card out and see if it boots into Windows OK. Uninstall any software/drivers to do with the network card, and shut down the computer. Re-seat the PCI card and boot up. If it works and gets into Windows, install drivers/software and reboot the machine (to check if it boots OK afterwards).

    One final thing... I know this isnt exactly the point, but if you get the components in the right places from the start, then you shouldnt need to move them again - therefore avoiding the need to reinstall so often.