windows XP creating frequent lag online...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Laws, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. Laws

    Laws Guest

    I recently made a windows XP partition on my system and installed counter-strike on it. It vastly improved audio and visual performances, great i thought, but then every few minuets i got a huge 3000ms+ lag.

    I exited to windows and ran this command "ping -t www, and found that every 50-70 ping i got a 2000ms-3000ms return.

    I also noticed that the internet activity icon in the system tray stopped flashing when this happened, as if XP isnt giving me a constant internet connection.

    Im on a 600k cable connection, connect with a SMC wireless router and USB receiever. I know this is not causing the problem because its fine in windowsME and my other windowsXP computer. I even tryed connecting my computer to the cable modem directly with a wire and still had the same problem.

    Must be something to do with windows XP.

    I then updated the SMC drivers and done all the windows updates (im using professional), problem still exsisted. Theres no other programmes that could be using the connection or another PC on the network.

    Ive disabled the firewall, QoS network setting and disabled auto update. Nothings helped.

    Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  2. _DM_

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    the whole things a problem...j/k
    hell, how would i f***in know?:D
  3. RobbieSan

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    hmmm, I've been seeing network lag a lot as of late.. somehow I doubt it's XP but who knows.. I know my local cable provider, who I usually have blazing speed from, have been up and down lately.. I used to have nice connections to most EF (Elite Force) servers I would frequent but there was some big net work issues in the US and connections haven't been the same since..
  4. Nick M

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    I have been seeing internet lag.

    cable modem.

    Even in mirc chat and AIM.

    I think this is more of a widespread problem...not just you.
  5. TechSupport

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    if its something to do with Windows XP, then surely it would do the same thing on your other Windows XP computer??

    - are you using a different make motherboard in the other WinXP machine??

    - are you using SP1 on one of the machines, but not on the other??

    - If one of the computers has a VIA chipset, have you installed the latest 4in1 drivers??
  6. -)MoonY(-

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    I have had the same problem with Windows XP Pro.

    I love the OS part of it but there are some compatibility bugs
    with my Toshiba cable modem and Linksys Router.

    My fix was this-

    1 - Format Hard Drive
    2 - Install Windows 2000 Pro
    3 - All is Good