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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kingsam, Jul 10, 2004.

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    When starting my pc up(WINDXPRRO),it says windows root/system32/ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt please reinstall this file.Cant get into safe mode or anything,tryed the recovery console using the digital tutorial to try & fix it but it still didnt work so i had to format & reinstall xp,any help incase this happens again.
    Many thanks

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    File missing

    Hi rushm001,can you explain exactly what i have to type cause im a bit confused mate.Whereabouts in suffolk are you cause thats where i live!
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    Rush you got a fan there! I won't tell him you support Ipswitch, he he.
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    file missing

    Hey lee,i also support IPSWITCH!!! LOL
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    Rushm001 why did you advice to extraxt ntkrnlmp.ex_ as ntoskrnl.exe? Ntkrnlmp.exe is the multiprocessor kernel.

    You need the kernel version that matches your hardware and servicepack level.

    There is a backup of ntoskrnl.exe inside the \Windows\Driver Cache\i386 folder.

    If you have installed one of those Windows updates that replace the kernel, it is directly in this folder.
    The command at the recovery console would be
    copy "C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386\ntoskrnl.exe" C:\Windows\system32

    If you haven't applied one of these updates but have Service Pack 1 installed the ntoskrnl.exe is inside the file.
    The command in this case
    expand "C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386\" /f:ntoskrnl.exe C:\Windows\system32

    In case you don't even have SP1 installed, replace in the command by
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    its easier 2 repair winxp , using the second repair option.
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    Hi all - I have a friend who has this exact problem but it is compounded some. He has LOST his OS disk. He was running Windows XP Home edition. He wants to update to the Pro version and has already purchased the disk. He doesnt mind if I wipe the drive to get him going so I thought I would do that. So my question is two fold. First - Can I get this system to boot on the new Pro version disk in the CD drive? If so - Where is that command in the bios? Second - what is the command to wipe the C drive once I get the system up? Any help would be appricated..
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    One of the screens in the BIOS will have a boot order that you can change. If you change it to CD-ROM first, then the PC will boot straight to the XP disc when you start up. Once the CD starts loading, it will give you some installation options. Among those are options to create or delete a partition, and reformat an existing partition or format a new partition. What I find best is to
    1) delete the existing partition (assuming there's only one)
    2) create a new partition
    3) format the new partition with NTFS
    4) install XP on the newly formatted partition
    After that, you'll be on your way to installing the OS. :)