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    The user experience is a high priority for Windows Vista, and part of that "experience" are the sounds that come with the operating system. It's incredible the amount of work that goes in to capturing that perfect sound to represent different events in Vista, and we went to the trouble of drafting in Robert Fripp who I've personally never heard of, but my dad says was pivotal to the music era of the sixties (apparently). Despite me not knowing who he is, he hails from a sleepy part of England called Dorset - and whilst that bears no relevance whatsover to the sounds in Vista, does mean he is British - which for me at least is something to be proud of.
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    Heh heh that was funny. :p
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    Ouch... That would be sound for sore ears... :)
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    The thing is, you always find people who things its new and witty to actually use sounds like this and think its great :p

    Who hasn't though of using that exclamation noise.