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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vivid_vibe, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. vivid_vibe

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    Hello all,

    Lately I've been running windows update and it has been forcing version 5 upon me. Is that correct? Version 4 used to run fine but v5 is giving me troubles, does anyone know what's up?

  2. theophilus

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    Did you install SP2? It upgrades you OS, and automatically has you begin using V.5. If you haven't installed SP2, then they must be rolling out the new Windows update, if they are, that means they are also rolling out SP2 (or at least the RC2).

    Exactly what kind of problems are you having with the V.5 Windows Update? Something you can do that should work if you MUST go back to V.4 is to go to Windows Update, and then when you get to the home page, turn the "5" in the URL to a "4" and hit enter (it worked for me a couple weeks ago).

    If you can though describe your problem, and see if someone can help you fix it.