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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by thebear, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. thebear

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    this is seems that my Windows Update enjoys installing certain updates multiple times. I constantly get alerts saying to install an update, even when I already have installed it. Right now it is telling me to install update #819696 - but I think I already have pressed install for it 2 or 3 times....any idea on the prob?
  2. NetRyder

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    I'm having the same problem with 823980 - the RPC patch. I've installed it twice using Windows Update, and once more using the standalone installer.
    Looks like it's just a bug in WU, so I'm letting it go for now...
  3. Evil Marge

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    I get that all the time.I'd try to install one then get the message that it's failed and when I looked in the history I'd see that I've already got it.

    I have 5 updates wrote on a piece of paper (814995,814003,810833,329170 and 817287) so I don't try to install them again.........Get's annoying having to remove them from window's update everytime I want to install the new ones :mad:
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  5. GoNz0

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    from windows updates main page, click personalise windows update, from there you can untick any problem patch's so they dont show again. :) hope that helps a bit marge
  6. Enyo

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    It's a bug i hear about often, but have never seen it (dont normally use WU)

    Use hfnetchk or MSBA to verifiy the patch status and then do as above :)
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    "Log off Life" thats beautiful GoNzO Man,

    Hey what is up with Micro$oft these days. Is Bill on an extended leave of absence and all the boys at update are smoken some Gongi. They had nvidia drivers in the critical updates a month or so ago, and then the 18 year old psycho from Minn. ignites the worm through their a hole in the MS OS system. What the hell is up with that :eek: ... I think most of those critical updates are crap anyway. Probably just droppen scanners in our rigs to check out how where surfen and to see how much of us have warez..