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  1. Ok, I'm installing 50 new XP computers into a NT 4.0 Domain. I have two questions.

    #1 - Windows Update. We only have a 128K connection, and I do not want WU eating up the bandwidth with 50 computers hitting it and updating. Suggestions?

    #2 - We have the problem of people with the current computers of loading everything and their mother on them. I don't mind a few things, but of course things like Morpheous, and other programs are not freakin needed! What is the best way to lockout the XP machines from having programs loaded on them? They must be able to save files though. I can use RD to load anything they really need..

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    if you go into gpedit.msc then administrative templates, there are 1001 things u can disable other people doing, Or you could setup a disc quota for each computa? Right click on the drive then Quota.

    As for ya first question.... no ideas:/
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  4. Thanks kReVy and gajef!
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    i am not sure if this is right but you can have one computer (a very damn good one) as the server and all the other comps hooked up to it. Like those Lan Cafe shops they have all the comps connected to one server. And no matter what they do to the individual comps it will always reset it self to be identical to the server (main comp). You can do somethign like that if you get a better line :).